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John V. Nilan, LLC  2009
John V. Nilan, JD, MBA  
New Mexico  Lawyer   
Next Page Previous Page     Juris Doctorate - School of Law
     The University of New Mexico

    Masters of Business Administration -  
     The Anderson School of Management
     The University of New Mexico

    Bachelor of Science -
     Magna Cum Laude
     Multiple Academic Key Awards
     Rutgers University

    College Faculty Instructor in:
           Real Estate Law
           Wills and Estates Law

    Law Enforcement Academy Instructor
  Former Senior Trial Prosecutor
  Member of the New Mexico State Bar
  Member of the U. S.  District Court Bar
    You need to have an experienced trial attorney to represent you when you or family members are challenged by a lawsuit or faced with either serious or minor criminal charges.

    I have considerable felony jury trial experience as a former trial prosecutor. I have received commendation for my trial work on behalf of the community.

    In 2 years I had done 75 trials.  Most of those trials were felony jury trials.

    I have earned a Masters of Business Administration which ensures that I have a full  perspective on the commercial issues raised in business and general civil litigation.  I have practiced in the courts throughout New Mexico.  I have also represented clients in international business transactions and negotiations.
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