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John V. Nilan, JD, MBA  
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Next Page Previous Page Criminal Defense Equal Justice Under Law    It is always the burden of the state to prove beyond a reasonable doubt the criminal charges it alleges against you.  You are never required to speak even one word in your own defense.

   Your freedom is in jeopardy when you are charged with a crime.  Therefore, you have the right to reasonable bail and terms of release.

  Criminal charges can damage your current and future employment opportunities.

  Criminal charges are public information.  Such information may place your reputation in question.  

   The power of the state to arrest and charge child abuse for routine child discipline can devastate families and individuals and lead to permanent deprivation of valuable rights.  Criminal charges of child abuse become permanently recorded even if the charges are dropped.

  Criminal charges can seriously impact your government security clearances and can prevent you from obtaining them in the future.

  Long delays in criminal proceedings can be harmful mentally and physically.  Delays by the state can and should result in a dismissal of the charges against you.

  A person charged with a crime is entitled to be evaluated to determine his competence either at the time of the offense or at the time of trial.

  Law enforcement agents can and do make mistakes in identification of suspects and in the collection of evidence.  Evidence can be lost, destroyed or tainted.  Unlawfully obtained evidence must be suppressed and cannot be used against you.  
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