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John V. Nilan, LLC  2009
John V. Nilan, JD, MBA  
New Mexico Lawyer    
Next Page Previous Page Civil Litigation    You have the right to protect your interests if a contract is breached by another party whether the contract is written or verbal.

   Problems with real  estate deals can mean significant financial loss.

   You may have a cause of action against contractors who do not provide you with a workmanlike product.

   Personal injury or property rights can be permanently impacted by an adverse judgment or when you delay in bringing an action.

   Bankruptcy does not discharge all financial obligations.

   Divorce settlements can be severely impacted by the bankruptcy of an ex-spouse. Debts thought to have been taken by the ex-spouse can return to you upon his or her bankruptcy.  You may have to sue to enforce your rights against the ex-spouse.

   A spouse in a divorce may be entitled to part or all of the proceeds from a personal injury settlement or judgment or from an employment action as part of the property of the marital estate.

    A judgment against you can remain in effect for at least 14 years and can be renewed.  A judgment in another state can follow you to New Mexico.  Garnishment of your wages or property can be used to enforce a judgement against you.

   Death of a loved one often creates serious disputes among living family members leading to distributions of property not intended by the decedent.
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